Breeders behind the Stephex Success – Stal ‘t Paradijs.

We are happy to have been interviewed by the Stephex team. They sat down with us for a small interview.

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What got you started in the breeding world, what was and still is your motivation?

Both my wife Ann and I grew up with horses around us. As we both have an agricultural background, breeding was never far away. It started with breeding for ourselves, then for the children to ride and later to support the top sport.

There is no spring without foals in the meadow! Trying to do better, more beautiful and maybe even more, was our motivation.

You have had some very well-known and successful offsprings! What do you think is the key to success in breeding?

Having a good dam line is the most important thing and also the most difficult. When you have discovered this and you combine it with the right stallion, you have a good chance of success. If you use a young stallion, you immediately have the most genetic progress. This is the art of breeding.

Anyone can breed a Chacco Blue foal, discovering the next Chacco Blue is the art.

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